Help Us Caption This Absurdly Anglogasmic Range Rover Marketing Photo

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Believe it or not, Land Rover and fancy woodsy clothier Barbour have not been officially affiliated until now. Their celebratory press release included this clichebomb of a photo, which I sure hope you'll help us make a lot funnier.

The companies announced their new partnership with a long-winded cut-n-paste from the Anglophile's Thesaurus, which essentially reads:

"Tea, crumpets ... 'modern interpretation of rural traditions,' ...Downton Abbey... 'contemporary tailored shapes' ...Beef Wellington, fish n' chips... 'country inspired luxury,' ...DidImentionteaandcrumpets?... 'lifestyle collection,' ...warm beer... 'wax and wool knits, accessories and matching luggage.'"


We get it, Barbour's going to sew some Land Rover logos into stuff and there will be a whole lotta fancy Britishness about it.

I think you can do better.

Have at this dorky image and slap on the best caption, word-bubble dialogue, or penis drawing you can render between these beautiful people sauntering away from their Range Rover. Uh, please don't actually do a penis drawing.

Creative manipulation of the photo is encouraged, or leave your caption as a comment!

Here's the full-sized version for your lampooning pleasure:

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