Help The NASCAR Fan That Got Hit With A Tire Find The Men Who Saved His Life

Even though last Saturday's NASCAR crash was a terrible event, it was also a showcase for what's right with human kind. Fan Becket McGinn was hit in the chest with a tire and nearly killed. Two anonymous fans saved his life. He wants to know who they are.

Becket was sitting in the grandstand just off the trioval when the accident occurred. He was the man that was hit with the tire that went into the stands.


Instead of sitting still, a couple of fans around McGinn came to his aid. One helped by taking off his shirt to stop his massive bleeding. They also waited with him until he taken off site by emergency services.

McGinn is still recuperating in the hospital along with his younger brother, but has been searching for the people for the last week.

This is the best view he has of them so far:


McGinn wants to thank the men. Without them, he believes he would be dead. If you know anyone that was at the Daytona race on Saturday, let McGinn know on Twitter: @becketmcginn. Without those men, the injury report from the crash might have included fatalities.

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