Help A Classic Museum Find A Stolen 1932 Plymouth Hood Ornament

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A Denver classic car museum is trying to recover a hood ornament that was stolen off a rare 1932 Plymouth PB roadster last week. Repeat after me: Who steals a hood ornament?

According to ABC 7 News in Denver, the Forney Museum of Transportation isn't exactly sure when the hood ornament disappeared, but they think someone swiped it off the yellow convertible at some point last week.

Here's what museum executive director Christof Kheim told the TV station:

"It's a shame," Kheim said of the theft. "They're not just harming the museum, but they're harming the exhibits that are here for everyone to enjoy. There's a few bad apples out there that ruined it for everybody else."

"We just want what belonged to the car returned," he added.

The Denver Post reports that the museum's Plymouth is one of less than 12 known to exist. The hood ornament alone is worth about about $500.


Here's maybe the worst part: the radiator cap was stolen as well, causing folks in the museum to drop trash inside it. Come on, people! Have you no decency at all? Ugh. Just ugh.

Well, Jalops, the world knows how good you are at recovering stolen cars. This one's a much taller (well, smaller, technically) order, so the best we can do is try to spread the word that it's been stolen in case someone tries to pawn it or something.

What do you do with a hood ornament from a '32 Plymouth, anyway?

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Hat tip to John Kelley!

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Humans are disgusting animals, I have no confidence there is any such thing as divine creation. I see these slobs (not in Japan however, they appear to have manners) take samples at the store and then proceed to drop the toothpick or sample cup on the floor, or attempt to hide it in a display close by. How hard is it to find the trash bin? And to put trash in a car part at a museum, we should break their fingers as punishment. As for hood ornaments I think I've had three Merc stars stolen from my cars over the years. I thought about rigging it so it shocked someone when they touched it.