Hell's Belle, It's Jezebel!

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Despite our overwhelmingly male readership, every so often we who write Jalopnik allow ourselves the opportunity to indulge our more feminine sides. OK, it's a rarity, but — the one thing we know is we don't get the whole women's magazine stuff. We don't care whether it's Glamour or Vogue or even that magazine about what women wear on a daily basis — we just don't understand the airbrushed covers, the $2,000 handbags and the affirmation crap. Since we don't understand all that stuff, we're glad there's now a new site here in the Gawker Media blog empire to help us decode it all. The site's called Jezebel and well, we'll put it to you this way — Jezebel's the type of site that makes those glam-mags go run and hide — and you know, we really dig that. Plus, who could hate a bunch of gals who want to mount the Cerberus Chrysler building?


The Five Great Lies Of Women's Magazines [Jezebel]

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