Hello Kitty Becomes Goodbye Kitty In Crazy Pinball-Style GT3 Crash

Attempto Racing has one of the most recognizable liveries in the Blancpain Endurance Series: Hello Kitty! Unfortunately, this beloved Sanrio character's driver made a huge mistake trying to pass a Bentley, sending the Attempto Racing McLaren and the Bentley Continental GT3 both into the walls at Monza.


Ronnie Valori's McLaren 650S GT3 littered the track with parts when it hit the inside wall, denting the barrier in front of a marshal station and ping-ponging the car back into the path of the Bentley it was trying to pass. The poor damaged McLaren looked more like a pinball in the end than it did a GT3 car.

Goodbye, Kitty. :'o(

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident, except maybe the feelings of Sanrio lovers everywhere.


[H/T McNewbie]

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Unnecessary Backstory

That was a close call for the marshals behind that barrier, which looks like it didn't even budge after the McLaren speared right into it.