Winter is coming fast, with snow blanketing many parts of the United States already. Thankfully, you still have fun in some of the most utilitarian vehicles out there, as this fire truck’s graceful slides demonstrate.

The ease with which you can get nearly any vehicle to kick its tail end out like you’re Keiichi Tsuchiya is why we love snow.


Even big fire trucks—massive vehicles meant to get to their burning destinations reliably, and on time—can have a little fun in the slick, cold stuff. If there’s anybody who needs a bit of enjoyable downtime, it’s the crew behind rescuing yourself from, say, your own Jeep repairs gone wrong.

Snownuts’ near-universal ability to make you giggle in glee is the one thing that can truly bring us all together this holiday season. For that reason, they are our favorite. If you don’t have anyone to share your snownuts with in person, you can always share them with the Internet via our tips line.

[H/T Duck]

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