Hell Yeah, They're Making A Fast & Furious Live Show

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Just when you thought the action couldn’t be bigger, the sounds couldn’t be louder and the explosions couldn’t get explodey-er, the Fast and Furious franchise will take on its biggest obstacle yet: real life.


Universal Pictures announced today that it will bring Fast and Furious events to life in a “global live-arena tour.” People will be able to go and see some of their favorite Fast and Furious scenes unfold right in front of their eyeballs. It will debut January of next year. Are you ready? Because I am so goddamn ready.

What can we expect? Some face-melting action, from the sounds of it:

Fast & Furious Live brings to life the physics-defying stunts that have defined the eight-film franchise. Using the most advanced technology and featuring all the favorite cars from the blockbuster series, Fast & Furious Live will evoke the most audacious moments from the beloved series. Audiences will feel the heat from flaming exhausts and marvel at mind-blowing vehicular acrobatics as scene after scene unfolds with the most immersive, entertaining technology imaginable.

Re-creating the underground streets of Los Angeles to locations that crisscross the globe, Fast & Furious Live allows fans to relive the most extreme action as precision performance drivers—surrounded by blockbuster set design, authentic digital projections and state-of-the-art physical obstacles—execute pulse-pounding stunts.

Vehicular acrobatics! You know, I have been saying for years that some of the “physics-defying stunts” that the cars pull off the movies would never work in a world ruled by Newtonian physics. And now they have a chance to prove me wrong!

Don’t expect to see Dominic Toretto there, however. As The Guardian points out, though the show will include many of the star cars you’ve come to know and love from the movies, none of the cast have been “linked to the production.”

The tour will be working with Brand Events, the people who previously created and toured the insanely successful Top Gear Live.

Meanwhile, you can get more pumped for when the eighth installment of the film franchise hits theaters on April 14. There is no word yet on dates or locations for Fast & Furious Live, but if you go here, you can sign up for updates.


I’m still hoping for a Fast and Furious musical myself.

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I’m trying to think up more ways they can milk this franchise but I’m running into a bit of a roadblock.