Heikki Kovalainen's Angry Birds F1 Helmet Is Ridiculously Awesome

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Inveterate pig-foiling time-spender Angry Birds is taking a victory lap after something like a trillion sales by sponsoring Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen in the world's premier racing series. What does Angry Birds get out of it? The greatest Formula 1 helmet in the history of helmets.


Kovalainen will try to break down the defenses of other drivers in this season's F1 championship behind the wheel of the newly renamed Caterham F1 car.

Popping out of that green-and-yellow car will be this amazing bright red crash helmet that looks like an angry peering over the cockpit for swine-hunting. It even has Heikki's name in the Angry Birds font on the side of the helmet.

Technically, Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment is the sponsor, but they're smartly leading with their most mischievous and well-known brand.

Kovalainen may seem like a long-shot to win a championship this year, but we hear last year's winner Sebastian Vettel stole his eggs. Seriously Heikki. Dude stole your eggs.


(Hat tip to Porsche9146!)


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