Heid! Pants! Now! Studebaker Scotsman!

From the Department of Cars Named for Haggis-Consuming Peoples of the Globe comes the Studebaker Scotsman. Designed to be a low-cost, deconted version of the company's Champion, the Scotsman started at just $1,776 when introduced in 1957. The Scotsman, with an extra-stonk V-8 was also used as Stude's entry into the police vehicle wars. For '58, the Scotsman truck was introduced, which featured no luxury and/or convenience items, but did feature plaid Studebaker decals in lieu of chrome. The car was discontinued after '58 while the truck carried cabers until '59. A few scant years later, the company was cryin' itself to sleep on its huge pilla.

Studebaker Scotsman [Wikipedia]

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