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Hecklerspray Merely Likes The Audi 200 Estate

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We've gotta admit we're addicted to Hecklerspray's weekly "Rubbish Cars We Love" feature, as writer Chris Laverty generally gets in some good punches in his defense of random Eurotrash rides. But he didn't seem to be too fired up about the Audi 200 Estate this week, which is really too bad, as we were awfully fond of our uncle Gerry's Audi 100 CC Estate from whose rounded boot we saw Dorset and Somerset from back in 1987. Ultimately, Laverty compares the be-ringed brand's wagon to James Bond short-timer Timothy Dalton, "Tim D was not the worst Bond, nor did he drive the worst car, but as with the 200 estate he just wasn t needed enough."


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