Hear the Scion FR-S for the first time

There's no doubt the Scion FR-S looks great. But how does it sound? Sort of like a small chainsaw being started in a closet.


Power is the great sticking point with the FR-S/FT-86. If that Subaru-built 2.0-liter boxer four only puts out something in the neighborhood of 148 horsepower in the 2012 Impreza, what's it going to do in the Scion?


We're hoping for at least 200 hp, balanced out by super low weight, and restricted by an easily-tossed, eco-friendly exhaust. What do you think? Is it music to make love to your old lady by? Or music for an old lady?

(Hat tip to Tim!)

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Scorpio GTX1

Why don't they use the 2ZZ-GE? It's already got 190 hp, and has been tested and true over the years in about 15 different models. It also revs to 8,500 rpm, so it's a great engine for a sporty car. Also, give the option to throw a supercharger on it, like Lotus does.