Hear The Roar of Honda's Vintage F1 Cars In Their Natural Habitat

Most of us are excited for Honda's return to Formula One because their previous cars were so awesome. Naturally, it makes sense for the Honda Collection Hall to let some of their historic race cars loose on Twin Ring Motegi South Course.


The Honda Collection Hall is more than a museum. Cars are kept in drivable condition, so Honda performs "running confirmation tests" on the Twin Ring Motegi located next to the Honda Collection Hall.

Above is the stunning MP4/5, a car that marks Honda's acquisition of 3 consecutive years of McLaren Honda F1 cars. This car is from 1989, straight from the era of Senna vs. Prost.

Here is the McLaren Honda MP4/4 from 1988. This spectacular turbo car helped Senna and Prost achieve fifteen wins in F1 that year.

The third testing video released is of the Williams Honda Fw11 from 1986, which led Williams to a Constructors' Championship that year.


This, my friends, is how you run a car museum. Racecars weren't meant to sit. They're meant to be run and enjoyed.

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