Driving across the country at triple digit speeds safely - regardless of legality or any questionable moral implications - requires a fair bit of planning. Ed Bolian, the current holder of the transcontinental speed record, delves into the details of blitzing the country in less than 29 hours, in his own words.

Ed Bolian, along with his two co-drivers, drove a well-used Mercedes CL55 AMG across the country in 28 hours and 50 minutes, but you probably knew that already. Now you can listen to him, on the CarLifestyle Podcast, hosted by fellow transcontinental cruiser Seth Rose, speak about the experience in detail, including what technology he used in the record-setting car, and what mindset one must take on to even attempt something so insane.

You can get the podcast here on iTunes, or here if you have a PC/Android.


On a personal note, I don't think the transcontinental speed record holds any merit. It's a pissing contest between a subset of a subset of a subset of a privileged population, that is incredibly dangerous to the public in most instances. I'm for de-legitimizing the record to such a degree that I helped previous record holder and personal friend Alex Roy play an April Fool's joke on Bolian, and the entire Cannonball community, to poke fun at the ridiculous nature of the publicity surrounding the act of driving a car, and the general lack of oversight by the community. I'm glad the record was set by such a calculating person, but I hope it will never be broken again.

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