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The kingly Bufori MKIII La Joya could be the only car that's ever made us want to use the word "festooned" in a descriptive sentence. Outfitted with more burled walnut than a Pall Mall club room, and offered with options like Persian carpets and precious stones embedded in the instrument panel, the Bufori could be one of the most accurate examples of traditional haute riche coachbuilding left on the planet. The two-seat coupe is powered by a rear-mid-mounted 2.7-liter quad-cam V6 (engine geeks, any ideas?) with Tiptronic slushbox, and comes with ABS, nav system and front and rear audio-visual parktronic system. They're even available in the US. Consult the parking lot at the Palm Beach Neiman Marcus for details.

2006 Bufori MK III La Joya []

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