Hayabusa-Powered Isetta Update: It's En Fuego!

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Your author's thoughts on being on the back of a Hayabusa doing over 160MPH on the Pacific Coast Highway between Watsonville and Santa Cruz: "Well, at least if we crash, I'll be dead before I have time to worry about it." One thing we'd bandied about with our Hayabusa-owning former roommate was the idea of shoehorning one of the killer 1.3L mills into an Isetta. So when this thing showed up on eBay, we were elated, yet deflated that somebody had beaten us to the punch. Now, Fred Parker, the man who won the auction, writes in with an update on the Hayasetta's status:

This image was lost some time after publication.

"When I bought it it was not really roadusable but work is progressing and I hope to have it up and running by April. The body has been sorted and now the mechanical work has begun." Judging from the pics, saying that the bodywork's been done is a bit of an understatement. While we personally liked the idea of a stock-appearing Isetta with the 'Bus motor in it, we might've gone for a Gee Bee-style scallop job. Fred, on the other hand, is going full-mod hot-rod on the thing with Frankenstyle ghost-flames galore. He also adds, "If you are interested I will send more pics when it is up and running." Uh, Fred, to say that we're interested is an exercise in understatement akin to calling an Antonov An-225 "large."

Hayabusa-Powered BMW Isetta For Sale on eBay

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