Have Your Skoda And Eat It Too!

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So apparently everyone in Europe has seen this ad, like, 20 bjillion times by now, and now it's our turn to jump on the Skoda Cake bandwagon. Those crazy Czechs (actually, their ad-agency minions) went and made a Skoda Fabia out of cake and candy, complete with cake interior and engine, not to mention Jell-O taillights. But that's not the best part...


The best part is the fact that they went for accuracy to the point of pouring syrup into the engine to simulate oil. An edible engine with edible motor oil! By God, that's genius! Anyway, the ad can be seen above and a "making of" article may be viewed via the link below. Enjoy.

How to bake a car: the amazing story behind Skoda's new TV ad [Daily Mail]

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I was going to be cynical and say, "neat trick, but how are they going to work this into selling cars?" The nice tagline answered that for me. That's pretty spectacular.