Have You Ever Wanted An Electric GTI?

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Have you ever said, "What I should really do is take out that stupid engine in my Mark 2 Golf GTI and shove in lots of batteries instead"? Well, this guy did and now his creation is for sale.

This San Luis Obispo, Calif. owner removed the 2.0-liter from this GTI and filled the front and rear of the car with batteries. Here's the gist of it from the ad:

1992 Volkswagen GTI (manual transmission), converted to a 96 volt electric car. I bascially did
the "voltswagen" conversion at electroauto.com in 2010. The car has a WARP 9 motor and Curtis 1221 speed controller, 16 US125 batteries (6 Volts each), and an Elcon 120V charger.


There's no word on exactly how fast this plug-in GTI will go when it's fully charged, but bet on it being smoked by its gas equivalent. Which is a shame, because that would be the real benefit of ruining your Mk2 GTI if it accelerated like a Tesla.

But the good news from this listing is that the car's cheap, with the seller asking $4,200. There are problems, such as a bad engine, er, motor mount and an issue with the transmission and some batteries that need renewing. But for someone looking for a cheap EV conversion, here's one right here. Or for someone looking for a Mk2 GTI, find an engine.