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A week ago, we were hanging out with ex-pro-BMX racer and current nostalgia Fuel Funny Car driver Jeff Utterback and the Notorious S.P.E.N.C.E. at the tail end of a party. Utterback mentioned that he gets a lot of flak on message boards because he drives a Prius, with old-timers calling him a "leftist" and whatnot. He said, "I just say, 'Hey, I drive a Prius so I can afford more nitro,'" a fuel that retails for around 700 bucks a drum. Spence chimed in, "Why don't we just invade the world's largest nitromethane-producing country?"

Utterback: "That would be China."

Spence: "Yes! Let's invade China!"

If Hasbro's marketing muscle is any indication, the toymaker's new line of reasonably-priced nitro-powered R/C vehicles could have one of two effects: either Utterback'll have to convert his Prius into a plug-in, or he won't have to drive a Prius anymore.

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