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Has The Huracan Dumbed Down The Lamborghini Experience?

Since Audi has taken over Lamborghini, the cars have remained hardcore, but have also become more usable and reliable. Does their newest car, the Huracan, still hold that Lambo magic or has it gotten off the train at snoresville?


We drove the Lamborghini Huracan last week and found that while there is some more refinement than the Gallardo and more usability, that essence of Lamborghini is still there.


Jethro Bovingdon and Evo were there at the same time as us. And between times heavily drinking at the bar, Jethro and I both drove the car. So what did our British counterparts think of the newest raging bull? Much the same as us, but they added in some lurid drifts in the Spanish hills.

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King Ginger, not writing for Business Insider

Well since it is apparently no longer acceptable to have poorly constructed cars that are likely to kill you...yes.