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This site is a fascinating tribute to one of the pioneering names of 20th Century motorsports: Harry Miller. Miller built some of the fastest and most dominant cars of the post-WWI, pre-Depression era, including revolutionary front-drive models that predated Citro n's Traction Avant by a decade. His chief machinist, a man by the name of Fred Offenhauser, refined a racing motor from a 220ci four-cylinder marine design that Miller had lost interest in, and the engine that dominated Indianapolis until the arrival of the Cosworth V-8 was born. The photo gallery features some of the most beautiful racing machinery you've ever seen, and if the sound clips don't give you goosebumps, dollars to donuts you were at the EV1 Riot.


The Miller/Offenhauser Historical Society

Rindt's Lotus 49 to Race Again [Internal]

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