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​Harley-Davidson Will Pay You $27,000 To Ride Across Europe

Illustration for article titled ​Harley-Davidson Will Pay You $27,000 To Ride Across Europe

Harley-Davidson is looking for one rider to bounce around 20 countries in Europe on an all-expense-paid tour, providing a Street Glide to ride and paying you for the privilege. Oh, and you get to keep the bike at the end.


The plan is for the lucky rider to trek around Europe from April through September, posting photos, videos, and blogs along the way. The winner not only gets the Street Glide, but Harley will cut a check for €25,000 so you're not completely destitute when you get back to work at the end of the year.

Naturally, there's fine print, so in addition to being fluent in English, having at least three years of riding experience, and having to sell your soul to the Harley marketing machine, it's only available to people that "hold a valid passport registered in the European Union." Dammit.


Sign up here.

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Ducati needs to do the same thing in the US and make it available to only American citizens.