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Harley-Davidson has always had a special relationship with the military, and they’re taking that one step farther by offering to teach every active-duty, retired, reservists, and veteran members for the entirety of 2016. Bravo.


If you’ve followed the site long, you know I’ve often been critical of Harley-Davidson. I’m still trying to understand the whole appeal, and I’m even borrowing one now for a review, but none of that means I don’t have a huge respect for the things the company does well. Their relationship with the military has always been strong, thanks to special overseas purchasing and financing plans as well as a number of events and military specific lines of clothing and accessories.

So much of motorcycling is about the solo experience, but just as much of it is about the community you enter as a rider and no one does that better than the Motor Company.

They’re terrific at providing both experiences and giving you a special feeling when you’re on one of their products, both through the design and appearance of the machines and through their dealer network, customizable options, and the huge effort Harley puts towards special programs and events. And this latest is a great one.


Any and all members or former members of the military can attend the Free Riding Academy between Jan 1, 2016 and Dec 31, 2016. You can sign up at your local dealership or at and, if there isn’t a class near you, HD will reimburse the expense of attending any local motorcycle training program.

Anyone currently deployed can get a voucher up until Dec 31, 2016 to attend for free in 2017.


There is a lot I think Harley-Davidson could learn from other brands, but there is so much that every other brand could learn from the guys in Milwaukee.

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