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As we get ready to pass from one year to the next, those of us here who slave away chained to their keyboards happily provide you the great car-related content you see here each and every day will be taking a half-day today. But fear not, we'll still have some content coming to you throughout the rest of the day โ€” just not as much as the torrent of stories you normally expect. We're also spending the day working on an uber-post you'll see go live here tomorrow cataloging some of the best of what we've seen here this year. It'll be our only post for tomorrow โ€” so we hope you like it โ€” and make it one of the highest trafficked and most commented on posts of next year. Oh, and โ€” thanks for making this whole thing possible. It's been a fun year and we're all looking forward to more of the same for next year. Bring on the bubbly!