Back when Kim Jong-il’s hearse was not Kim Jong-il’s hearse but a member of his father Kim Il-sung’s official fleet, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu paid a visit to North Korea. The footage, excerpted from the 2010 documentary The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu, shows the massive, colorful Stalinist lunacy Kim welcomed Ceauşescu to town with.

To illustrate: There are police motorcycles arranged in the shape of a heart around the Lincoln ferrying Ceauşescu. I don’t know enough about motorcycles to tell, but I hope they’re all Kawasaki KZ1000P Police motorcycles—the bike Arnold Schwarzenegger rode in the Cyberdyne building in Terminator 2—to make this into one happy deranged global mashup. Of Stalinism, of California, of Detroit, and…let’s see…what else…of cheerleaders dressed up a marshmallows!