Hang Out With Other Jalopnik Readers On Friday Night At Virtual Car Trivia

Art: Jason Torchinsky
Art: Jason Torchinsky

If you yearn for near-impossible car trivia questions, Friday night is your time to shine. That’s because my coworker Jason and I will be hosting Virtual Car Trivia on Zoom, and all are invited. It’ll be a great way to meet other Jalops as you and a team of four or five commiserate over the ridiculous obscurity of the car questions Torch and I came up with.


Hang out with automobile nerds from around the world, drink a beverage, and maybe answer a question about random Russian cars if you want. This Trivia Night thing is just a way to keep the car community strong through this pandemic, as car shows and other auto gatherings remain on ice.

If you participated last week or the week prior, you don’t have to email me. But if you’re new, follow these instructions to get in on the action

Jalopnik Trivia Night

  • Date: Friday May 1, 2020 8:30-10:30 p.m. ET on Zoom (download here)
  • Trivia night will be limited to the first 95 people who email me at david.tracy@jalopnik.com with the subject line: “Trivia Night.” Use the email linked to your Zoom account.
  • I will update this post when the 95 spots are filled.
  • I will email participants an answer card, which they can either print or fill out on a computer. (Participants can also just write answers on scratch paper or a word doc).
  • I will email a link to the Zoom meeting at 8:25 p.m.
  • There will be five rounds of 8 questions, some multi-part. We will announce the topics at the start of the session. Expect plenty to be quirky and obscure, though they won’t all be difficult.
  • At the end of each round, Jason and I will give you the answers. Participants will be responsible for adding up their points. Whoever gets the most points will get...no prize. Unless you consider a mention on Jalopnik a prize.
  • Feel free to have a drink. This is going to be a casual gathering of car enthusiasts answering whatever fun car questions Jason and I come up with.

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A Drop of Hell, A Touch of Strange

Just reading the questions and answers afterwards has shown me how much bigger the world of automotive trivia is than I imagined of it and how limited a part of that map I can shed any light on. Not having participated in any of these I’ve got to ask; people have to be Googling a lot of this stuff, right? If people are salivating to hit the buzzer or whatever, Jeopardy style, that would be astonishing and impressive in equal measure. Even if they're wrong, a lot of this stuff I wouldn't even try to guess.