Handbuilt Russian Mercedes SLR Mclaren replica must be seen to be believed

It's a story familiar to most car lovers. You badly want a cutting edge exotic car but don't have the pile of cash required to afford one. One Russian man faced with a similar problem while lusting after a Mercedes SLR Mclaren decided to take matters into their own hands, literally.

According to EnglishRussia, who discovered this interesting replica, the vehicle you see here was constructed by its owner without the assistance of any high tech or specialized tools. It is named Valentina after the owner's wife, perhaps to make up for the countless late nights in the garage that likely went into crafting this vehicle.


We may not know what kind of car this replica is based on, but we can safely say although it may not be a Mercedes SLR Mclaren this custom creation is truly one of a kind.

Hat tip to CeRuLeaNBLu!
[EnglishRussia via GTSpirit]


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