Hammond Vampire Jet-Car for Sale on EBay

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We actually were wondering a few months back whatever happened to the infamous "Vampire" jet car Top Gear's Richard Hammond took to the obscenely crashtastic speed of 280+ mph and then did just that to it. Well, now we know. Apparently the Vampire's been stored in a warehouse about 40 miles north of London since the crash investigation was completed sometimes around this time last year. It seems where it goes next is totally up for grabs. It appears, according to an auction up on eBay UK at the moment, that the owner's looking to part ways with this unique piece of automotive history in order to pay for some health care needs. So what's the condition of the infamous dragster? Here's what the auction poster claims:

"The chassis is bent, the historic afterburning Rolls-Royce Orpheus turbojet engine might run again (there is a comprehensive spare parts inventory to go with the car, including a new jetpipe), and just about every component on the car is damaged in some way. The rollcage was removed by someone post-crash and has not been returned to us. But this is the only key component which is absent from the car, everything else is there exactly as it was last used."

Up for auction with NO RESERVE is 'Vampire', the jet dragster seen on the BBC Top Gear programme and which holds the Official British Land Speed record at an average, each-way speed of 301mph.

The cars owner helped build the vehicle originally and had lovingly cared for it and driven it since 1981: it is one of three land speed cars he operated. Shortly after the car was wrecked he suffered a near-fatal heart failure and now needs to raise whatever funds he can by selling everything off.


Want it? Unfortunately, you've got to be in the UK according to the seller. We'll try and find out if we can snag an interview with the buyer when the sale ends up going through. (Hat tip to Delsydsoftware!) [eBay UK]

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@dohcspit: Jeez, if he thinks it's so special you'd expect him to at least throw a tarp over the windscreen.

Just sayin'