Hamilton Might Have Won The F1 Championship, But Rosberg Won The Better Hat

Following in the footsteps of Circuit of the Americas and Sochi Autodrom, the podium hats at today’s Formula One Mexican Grand Prix were a rad symbol of the local culture. I’m talking about the best hat you can possibly wear to an F1 race: a sombrero.


Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg answered any doubts about his ability to win today with a win from pole position. At one point, Hamilton tried to outsmart his teammate by ignoring the Mercedes team’s directions to pit for new tires so he could stay out on his tires longer and hopefully gain on Rosberg, but it didn’t work. Rosberg managed every restart beautifully, keeping his lead and more importantly, keeping his teammate in spot número dos.

Thus, Rosberg got the ultimate payback for whatever indignity he felt when Hamilton tossed him a second place hat last weekend by winning a truly epic first-place hat today.

(Oh, there’s also a trophy and some points for a championship that’s already been decided at stake, too, but more importantly: check out that sweet hat.)


That’s right: Hamilton may have won the World Driver’s Championship for the year, which is ultimately more important, but last week’s race in Texas didn’t even whip out the cowboy hats for the Hurricane Patricia Grand Prix. Mexico, however, brought out the greatest hat ever made: the sombrero.


Rosberg, good sir, wins at hat.


Bonus: if the dueling Mercedes teammates try to throw these around, they’ll probably float gracefully through the air, sort of like a frisbee.


I quite like Angry Rosberg. Angry Rosberg likes to win. Enjoy the hat, good sir. You earned it by owning today’s race from start to finish.

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