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While at the Pumpkin Smash last weekend, Plymsole alerted that hussie Murilee and me to the fact that one of the entrants was using an ironing board as a spoiler. I mentioned how in my favorite ever TV show, The Trailer park Boys, Julian's (stolen) 1987 Monte Carlo has a spoiler that J-Roc built from hockey sticks. I mention all of this because J-Lop reader AU6553 asks:

What was the most frightening application of the spoiler?
Off hand, I can think of the Toyota Echo and the Chevy Aveo. I'm sure
there are some other terrifying uses of the spoiler that I can't
recall right now.


Hmmm.... a friend of ours that once had warrants in 7 states for traffic violations did fit a mondo wing to his 1986 Dodge Colt, though he never got around to installing the hydraulics like he promised. Then of course you have the Dodge Charger Daytonas and Plymouth Superbirds. Well, we'll just go with the Daihatsu Charade with the dubs near our house with the goofy bi-plane wing. You?

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