For those of you torn between a Mazda3 and a non-Evo Mitsubishi Lancer, China's Hafei Auto may have the answer for you in the Saibao V (Saibao means "running leapoard"). This newly revealed car takes the stock Saibao sedan and adds numerous visual tweaks including the sportier wheels, revised front fender, a gigantic spoiler and the completely awesome rear diffuser. Though there's no word on any adjustments to either the power or the suspension on the car, the display model features four, count them, four booth models. Assuming you picked up four gowned girls in the Saibao V, you might end up having to put one in the trunk.

Of course, many Chinese citizens are already used to being transported this way. On the mainland they call it "dissident style." The driver of this car is clearly going to have the best Chinese prom EVER! Also dig the reverse Hyundai logo. [The Tycho]