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Haas F1 Just Bought Marussia's Factory In England

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Haas Formula One team is officially a tale of two cities. According to Racecar Engineering, Haas just acquired Marussia's former factory in Banbury, England, for the European base of Haas F1's operations.

Haas had signed up to bid on many of Marussia's assets earlier this month, but the factory itself was not on the auction list. The rest of the defunct team's assets will be for sale at the end of January.


Haas just constructed a brand new design facility for the team in North Carolina, but they will probably work out of the Marussia factory for much of 2015. Racecar Engineering also mentioned that many believe Haas purchased the in-progress data and designs for the 2015 Marussia car in addition to the factory itself.


Given Haas' willingness to start using existing research and design work as opposed to a clean slate, that wouldn't come as a surprise at all. The Haas F1 team will use Ferrari power units, just as Marussia did. They are set to enter Formula One in the 2016 season.

Photo credit: Getty Images