GYM Concept Car Powered By Sweat

A design student in the UK has decided to revolutionize traffic, fitness and alternative energy by combining sweating and driving in a concept he calls the GYM Car.

Da Feng, a design student at Coventry University, was responsible for designing this clever though somewhat impractical twist on alternative energy. The GYM concept car's carbon fiber frame incorporates a miniature version of Bally's into the single-seat concept car. Equipment includes a step machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull-up simulator and arm weights. And so all this energy used up while the rider is stuck in traffic doesn't go to waste, this concept is a plug-in electric vehicle and when you're running low you can just plug yourself into the rowing machine and make some more juice.


We only see like a dozen problems, but this one sticks out in our minds: most single-seat vehicles like motorcycles qualify for High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, meaning the car would never get stuck in traffic and therefore you'd never have a chance to use the fitness aspects of the concept. Still, if they built it everyone in Houston would lose 20 pounds by the end of the week.


[Diseno-Art via Wired]

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