Guy Who Called Koenigsegg Agera R A 'Hunk Of Shit' Destroys McLaren

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We recently heard the story of Luxury4Play forum member BC, who declared the Koenigsegg Agera R a 'hunk of shit' after he claimed it didn't meet his exacting standards. Well, apparently the McLaren 12C doesn't meet his driving standards: He just destroyed one in the goldRush Rally.


Think of goldRush like an American version of the Gumball, where people pay $14,000 for a team of two to party like madmen at night and then drive to their next destination to then party some more.

BC, real name Benjamin Chen, was driving the McLaren 12C Spider in the goldRush Rally through Texas on the way to Chicago. In Mt. Vernon, Texas, Chen said that a truck got in front of him in the passing lane. He then veered into the median, then to the right lane.

At this point, the car was out of control, and went under a fence and crashed into the sort of storage unit you see on Storage Wars. Luckily, Chen and his passenger, Olivia Guley, were ok after the accident. He was ticketed after the incident for reckless driving.

In looking at Chen's list of cars on Luxury4Play, it doesn't appear that the 12C Spider is one that he owned, at least it isn't on the list. The car is wrapped in "Black and White Rental Cars" logos, and the site does brag about just getting the McLaren in for rental. I shot Black and White an email to see if it was indeed their car.

I've also sent Chen a note to see what happened from his perspective and to make sure he's ok.


So for now, all we have is one very sad looking McLaren and some banged up storage lockers.

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So it's the car, huh?