Guy Overfelt's Burnouts

The folks at Dunderdon, Swedish makers of pricey workwear, have taken an interest in our boy Guy Overfelt, a conceptual artist whose work over the last few years has revolved around his '77 Trans Am. Said TA is now full of tubes to structurally reinforce its chassis, as well as protect Mr. Overfelt on the dragstrip. It's also chock full of four-hundred-fifty-five inches of cubic Poncho goodness, after Guy got tired of blowing up Olds motors. Here he describes the thought process behind pulling burnouts on paper and linen, but intentionally neglects to give us the secret sauce behind actually doing it. Hey, an artist's gotta make a living somehow... [Note, the above video is obviously pre-back-half.]

Made in Half a Second: The Guy Overfelt Interview [Dunderdon]

The Art of the Trans Am [Internal]

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sweet, doing burnouts on an open... and no less busy freeway generating thick white clouds of smoke for people to drive into.

... i love it