Guy Gets Nailed With Runaway Tire Rocketing Through Storefront Window

77-year-old custodian Manuel Mendoza was minding his own business sweeping up a medical clinic in Houston when a mounted tire blasted through the window and took him out. Surveillance cameras caught the projectile bouncing off the street and into the plaza with serious speed.


Mendoza was standing right in the tire's path, and luckily wasn't killed when heavy projectile came blazing through his window. He got away with only a few nasty cuts from the explosion of glass he was showered in.

CNN says "all [Mendoza] remembers is realizing he was bleeding." Despite a few security cameras providing footage of the collision, it doesn't seem that anyone knows where the tire came from. I'm guessing that worn-ass rubber was sitting in somebody's trailer or truck bed and bounded out over a bump.

Don't forget to lock down your loads correctly, people. And uh, keep your eyes up for incoming tires.


Images via KPRC screengrabs

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