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This pedestrian was minding his own business, making his way up the sidewalk when a big rig hauling beverage cans took a turn too hard and hurled its contents at him. The quick-thinking fellow found refuge in a nook... and proceeded to start cleaning up the street soon as the spray settled.

This reportedly took place on Rua Xavier Curado in Marechal Hermes, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last month and I see it’s popped up all over the place since then.


Naturally, every other headline highlights the butt-puckering. But nobody’s congratulated this frankly stellar samaritan whose first instinct, after being nearly creamed by errant cargo, was to pick up the spilled trash. Maybe he did got on the horn with his attorney right after but still, I say bravo bro, for having your heart in the right place when things go Code Brown.

Hat tip to Bret and Nosrat!

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