Click to viewAccording to the good folks at, the Gumpert Apollo, the fastest super car around the Top Gear test track, is officially coming to America — and not just as a Euro-plated import. The German company announced this weekend a partnership with the Arizona-based tuning shop Evolution MotorSports to have them handle US-market final assembly of ten cars per year, along with performance validation of what's essentially a kit car (winks and nudges all around, as the customized Audi V8 engine and the rest of the drivetrain is installed when it gets here). They'll then be shipped off to the exclusive US dealer, European Touch in sunny Los Angeles. In addition to Streetfire's exclusive video of the unveil of the first Apollo, straight from docks, we've got an iPhone photo gallery below of said Apollo from when it entered the Evolution MotorSports shop. We'll have more on the story later — including an exclusive chat with Marc Fritzsche, Gumpert's production manager. In the meantime, hit the jump for the press release.

“Gumpert Partners with Evolution MotorSports for US Market!” Tempe, AZ - Today Gumpert Sportswagenmanufaktur GmbH and Evolution MotorSports announced Gumpert has selected Evolution MotorSports in Tempe Arizona as their US market final assembly and Performance Validation center for the Gumpert Apollo. Gumpert has selected Evolution MotorSports due to their understanding the balance between consumers expectation for a car that is competent for the racetrack and the ability to hold the exceptionally high standards that Gumpert will demand for the chassis delivered to the US market. Gumpert feels it is imperative for all US cars to be Performance Validated and comprehensibly checked, all before being delivered to the exclusive United State Dealer, European Touch in Huntington Beach California. The Gumpert Apollo is a hand made coupe, available in a Street, GT or Race Car Configuration. The Apollo was recently featured on an episode of the UK Automotive show Top Gear where it was celebrated as the fastest around their test track over the last several seasons. Gumpert representatives have stated that “The selection of Evolution MotorSports was an easy choice. Evolution MotorSports dedication to providing an excellent finished product, attention to detail and customer service have no rival that could come close to providing the finished product required.” Todd Zuccone, Founder of Evolution MotorSports commented, “All we do are Insanely Tuned Luxury Exotics. We examined the Gumpert Apollo and I knew that EVOMS was the correct choice for Performance Validation. Something Evolution MotorSports customers have known for a long time. We are honored to have been selected by the Gumpert team." Apollo Has Landed! Pictured above is the first legal USA Gumpert Apollo departing the Gumpert headquarters in Altenburg, Germany. The Apollo left Germany the last week of August 2008 for a flight bound to Evolution MotorSports in the USA. Rubber on ground is planned after customs clearance before Labor Day! About Gumpert: The beginning – from the idea to the first model. In 2001 there was a vision of a new super sports car: A car, which combined the highest aerodynamics with unmatched driving capabilities. A street-legal car, ready for the race track. Last but not least, Mr. Gumpert aspired for the Apollo to offer the best value for money of any vehicle in this exclusive class. Starting from that vision, the technical parameters to be met were defined and the first designs of the car were drawn by Marco Vanetta. At the end of this process the first 1:4 scale model of the car was produced in 2002 – and the Apollo was born. From the first model to pre-production. To successfully develop this first model into a real car is an extensive process requiring significant development experience and technical ‘know-how’. To realize this vision, project management was taken over four years ago by Roland Gumpert. Coming from AUDI, Roland Gumpert has a long and impressive track record in car development and motor sport. During his time as Director of the AUDI Sport Department the Quattros from Ingolstadt won 25 races in the World Rally Championship and 4 World Rally Championship Titles. The GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH was founded and Gumpert pressed ahead with the development of the apollo. In cooperation with the Technical University in Munich and the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt constructional work, computer simulations, and finally wind tunnel tests were carried out. These research and development activities formed the basis for a first 1:1 scale model and finally the first two pre-production apollo. From pre-production to serial production. The first full-scale model of Apollo created a huge interest, both from the public and potential customers. To further develop the brand ‘apollo, GMG Sportwagen Manufaktur Altenburg became, in January 2005, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH with Roland Gumpert as Managing Director. The new and striking brand is characterised by the griffin: this mythological creature – half lion, half eagle – is a symbol of strength and speed and not least a symbol of earth and air. View the Gumpert web site: About Evolution MotorSports: Founded in 1997 by Todd Zuccone, Evolution MotorSports, Inc. has been the premier European aftermarket automobile performance company in the USA. Focusing exclusively on German power plants of Porsche and VW/Audi in the first decade, EVOMS has grown into other European, concept and super cars in the last 5 years. Evolution MotorSports conceives designs, engineers and track/roads tests proprietary Performance Systems for the following vehicles: Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, VW, BMW and Mercedes. All EVOMS Performance Systems feature EVOMSit "intelligent tuning," the company’s proprietary engine management software. EVOMS has an extensive client base that race their vehicles and are extreme motorsports enthusiasts. Vehicle race prep, driver coaching and trackside support are all services available to EVOMS clients. Company information can be reviewed on the following sites: Evolution MotorSports - EVOMSit “intelligent tuning” - About European Touch: Serving Southern California’s exotic and luxury automobile owners since 1998 enabled European Touch to be one of the premier automotive retailers in the US. European Touch franchise selections include Gumpert and YES! authorized dealerships as well as many other of the world's finest pre-owned automobiles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani, Rolls Royce, Bentley and many more. Evolution MototrSports is delighted to have partnering in covering the Gumpert and EVOMS partnership VIP event on Sep 5th and 6th. is the biggest automotive video site in the world. Car videos for car lovers. Footage of this event will be available on


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Won't be long before we have video of Forrest Gumpert wrapping his dumb ass around an overpass stanchion, tearing his car in half, or otherwise achieving Darwinian superstardom.