Gulf Oil Ford GT's At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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The illustrious Vintage Racer is as big a fan of the Gulf Oil livery as we are (and perhaps also as big a fan of the word livery). Being the generous fellow he is, he's shared with us some photos he took of Ford GT's done up like GT40's of old from Indianapolis last year. According to Vintage Racer, some of the lucky rich bastards GT owners also brought along their Gulf Oil Saleen Mustangs, just for fun. His report below the jump.


I've always liked the Gulf Livery, and I think it's best iteration was on the original Le Mans GT40. But it really works well on the Ford GT, too. I was at Indy this past year with the Ford GT Owners group (there were about 50 GT's there - made for an impressive group going to the track each day).

Impressive? Just a bit. This reminds us, if you have any interesting pics related to the days content (or not) you can always email us.


Jeff Glucker

@TheGuinnessTooth: My wife tunes completely out when anything auto related pops up...

Living in Orange County for the last 5 years, I have seen some pretty amazing things rolling around. One of my first days here, I saw a girl who couldnt have been more than 17-18, driving a Qvale Mangusta... who the hell buys that for his daughter?

I used to work across the stree from this place []

These guys opened up around the corner from my house a few years ago []

Stillen and TRD are right down the street from my office...

For a jalop, SoCal is a place to be spoiled...