GT-R Wagon? Meh. GT-R El Camino? Epic Win!

Paying attention last night? You may have noticed the first R35 GT-R wagon. Pretty good. What's better? How about this kickass, load haulin'-ready, driftin' R34 GT-R El Camino?


As with the R35 GT-R wagon and this R34 GT-R wagon, this lime green example of awesomeness was created using Nissan's Stagea station wagon (thought the last generation model) as the basis. The Stagea makes for an easy swap for the GT-R front clip since it shares its chassis and drivetrain with the Skyline. Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan based, Dear Motorsports produced the GT-R El Camino by chopping the entire upper rear portion of the bodywork from the C-pillar on back. They fabricated a new bed and the rear of the cab as well as removing the rear passenger doors to create this tasty little morsel. We're starting to think that maybe we need to start chopping up some cars because this ish is off the hook!
(Hat Tip to Adam!)


[via zenkai-flatout]

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