Group Of Millennials Riot And Set 100 Cars On Fire In Stockholm

In response to the shooting of a 69-year old man, a group of "youths" rioted in Stockholm this past weekend. As a result, nearly 100 cars were set on fire and 0 arrests have been made. Those darn millennials.

The youth's allegedly rioted because a 69-year old man who was threatening police with a machete was shot dead in the northern suburb of Husby earlier that week. It seems that their reaction against the violence that they felt was unwarranted was an even larger display of violence.


Rioting started around 10PM on Sunday evening, with rocks being thrown at an officer and nearly 100 cars set on fire by approximately 50 to 60 youths. Everything was contained by around 5:30 AM.

Stockholm police are yet to make any arrests, but believe that they will be coming today.

(Hat Tip to ilya!)

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