The Geneva Motor Show kicks off tomorrow morning with two press days and we have just landed in Switzerland—right next to a fire engine red locomotive designed by Pininfarina.

Equipped with five cameras (three of them loaded with film), a cubic foot of dried fruits and nuts, and a pound of prosciutto di Parma (packed flat by a Mac adorned with the Dymo'd firing order of a Lamborghini V12, left), our European team of yours truly and new intern Máté Petrány will spend the next two days to bring you the newest and greatest in cars (there will also be a hybrid Ferrari on display, if baseless rumor is to be believed).

Expect a non-stop photofest of Porsches, Koenigseggs, Loti, BMW’s, Tatas, Pagani Zondas, and two-cylinder Fiat 500’s, along with the occasional video clip of people waving at us and talking car, if connectivity and our little Flip camera permit.


Now, where was that alarm clock? And does it really say 5:00 AM? Can these fine mountain people brings us espressos and croissants at that predawn hour?

Photo Credit: Máté Petrány and the author