Greenpeace Blasts Ford in Newspaper Ad

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The UK branch of environmental action group, Greenpeace took out a full-page ad in the Times (UK) criticizing the fuel-efficiency of the Ford Motor Company's fleet and the company's opposition to stiffened mileage standards. The ad, placed on "donated" space, Said Ford was the worst car manufacturer in its league, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The group, whose well-documented opposition to GM refers to genetically modified crops, not General Motors, is targeting Land Rover vehicles as part of a campaign against gas guzzlers. In other news, Toyota said "Mwahahahah." Click through for the full text. [Thanks to James for the scan.] [Update: Ford's got a witty retort.]

Congratulations to Ford. After 80 years of car manufacturing the 1923 Model T still manages more miles per gallon (25 mpg) than their latest Range Rover Sport (13 mpg)*. Indeed, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Ford USA is the worst car manufacturer in their fuel-efficiency league.

Ford has the technology to produce vehicles with lower CO2 emissions, but has done little about it. If it were to act immediately, and also stop opposing improved fuel efficiency standards, then it might make some real progress on climate change. Lest they forget, all dinosaurs become extinct eventually.


EPA Report Shows Higher Fuel Economy than 2004, Lower Since 1987; Fuel Economy Dot Gov: Bush Administration Proposes Slightly Higher Standards [internal]

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