Green Corn? Ethanol's British Thermal Unit Woes

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We're not exactly sure where we stand on the whole ethanol thing. On one hand, we're all for the exploration of alternative energy. At the same time, the expense and complexity of an ethanol infrastructure, combined with its inherent net-loss in production, makes us wonder if other avenues would be better served from the money spent on it. To produce a gallon of gasoline, which contains about 116,000 BTUs, takes 22,000 BTUs. Energy expenditures include digging drilling the well, transit, refining, etc. On the other hand, to produce a gallon of ethanol from corn containing 76,000 BTUs, it takes 98,000 of them li'l thermal unit buggers. Check yesterday's Slate for an interesting and eye-opening take. [Thanks to CTE for the tip.]

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