GREAT NEWS! Cops Recover The Dog That Was Stolen In A Land Cruiser

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Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Lexy, the 6-month-old German short-haired pointer who was inside her owner's Land Cruiser when it was stolen? Well, I'm here to report a happy ending to that story.


Lexy has been found safe and returned to her owner, Jason Tharp of South Carolina, who originally posted the saga of how she was taken inside his 1985 FJ60 Land Cruiser on the Pirate 4x4 forums. Everyone on the forum was pretty outraged by what happened, and the story quickly spread through social media local news, and of course, here on Jalopnik.


Perhaps because of the story's notoriety, someone phoned in a tip to police, which led to the the recovery of both the Land Cruiser and the pooch, according to the Travelers Rest Tribune. Few details about what happened have surfaced, but several people have been charged.

"There are 6 or more people in jail," Tharp told me in an email. "It has turned into a large investigation, because of the heat that the www has brought on."

Tharp said that Lexy was inside the truck for a few days until one of these individuals had their mother look after her. When they were arrested, Lexy was delivered to police, Tharp said.

As the newspaper notes, Tharp is to be commended for his determination. He posted the story on the forums, shared it with local news outlets, and advertised a reward on billboards and on TV.


"When I said I will find Lexy, I really meant it," he said.

Photo credit Pirate 4x4 forums

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