Gray-Colored Cars Most Likely To Need Roadside Assistance According To Useless UK Study

According to a recent survey, British drivers of gray-colored cars are more likely to call for roadside assistance than any other color. Gray is not a particularly popular car color in Britain (blue is the most popular), but 38.9% of gray-colored car drivers will call for some kind of assistance in the course of a year. Drivers of silver and red-colored cars are the least likely to call for help. The majority of people call because of battery or tire issues, so we can assume people who choose to drive gray cars don't care about cars and are therefore unable to change a tire or keep their battery properly charged. Even more surprising is the fact anyone commissioned this survey. So if you're driving through Britain and you see a gray Vauxhall Vectra on the side of the road, have no fear, they know the number for roadside assistance.

NO BLUE SKIES FOR GREY CAR DRIVERS Drivers of grey cars are more likely to need roadside assistance than any other coloured vehicle, according to research by digital motoring magazine, The study by the free online magazine found that more than one-in-three of the UK's 1.3 million grey car drivers will call on help from the likes of the AA or RAC to top the UK's breakdown chart. The research from also shows that green isn't the lucky charm some drivers were wishing for. Owners of the nation's sixth most popular car colour are the second most likely group to require roadside assistance. With more blue cars on Britain's roads than any other colour - over 7 million registered - they are nearly 15% less likely to call out a breakdown vehicle than their grey-hued counterparts. Despite an association with ageing and all things dull and boring, it's not all bad news and expensive repairs for grey car owners as the major breakdown companies reported the majority of calls received relate to flat batteries and tyre punctures, rather than mechanical failure. Mat Watson, editor of, said: "The results are genuinely surprising. One theory is that many hire and company car fleets choose grey vehicles as the colour looks newer for longer, with dents and scratches less noticeable. These vehicles are often exposed to very high mileage, so perhaps their chance of needing assistance is greater. Then again, grey cars could just be cursed!"



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