'Grand Theft Auto V' Broke Sales Records Because Everybody Bought It

Congratulations to the 14 million people who ran out and got "Grand Theft Auto V" yesterday: You just helped its creators make $800 million!


To put 14 million in perspective, "GTA IV" sold about 13 million copies in a year. "GTA V" sold that much in a day. Analysts expect that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., the software makers, will sell upward of 23 million copies by March.

Another milestone: "GTA V" now tops "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" as the gaming industry's best debut. "Call of Duty" only raked in $500 million when it came out last year, those peasants.

You're probably looking for all the cars in "GTA," but what celebrity cameos have you seen? I saw a couple of people tweeting last night that Detroit's own Danny Brown makes a cameo appearance.


[Via Reuters/Photo via AP]

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