You know the feeling when you got a really nice car in GTA, you try not to wreck it but it’s impossible not to in heavy traffic? For ambulance drivers in Budapest, speeding is a must, but crashing isn’t an option.


5.21 miles in roughly under six minutes in a busy capital on a sunny day.

In Hungary, those responding Code 3 can drive through red lights, but careless drivers and heavy traffic jams still make it extremely challenging for emergency units to reach those in need as quickly (and safely) as possible, come rain or shine.


But these guys are good. Very good.

For ambulance drivers, the route back to the hospital is even more difficult as they have to take into account that their patient’s condition can turn for the worst if the ride is too rough in the back.

What you see above looks like this on Google Maps:

Illustration for article titled iGrand Theft Auto/i Has Nothing On Hungarian Ambulance Drivers

Instead of the estimated fifteen minutes, they did it in under six. Sirens or not, that’s amazing.

Hat tip to Cink!


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