Gran Turismo's Red Bull X2014 Has Two Crazy Flavors Of Virtual Insanity

In Gran Turismo 5, a partnership with Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey introduced a couple crazy concepts, namely the X2010 and X2011. Now, the Gran Turismo 6 version is out with two different speedy versions for your virtual delight.

With today's latest update to GT6, the Red Bull's X2014 becomes available in two versions, one without a downforce generating fan and another wing for extra road holding excitement.


Along with the X2014s, our friends at GT Planet say that the Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept is now available, as are more challenges and a few minor game tweaks.

If the X2014 is anything like the X2010 and X2011, it'll be nearly impossible to drive with a controller, unless you have the steadiest hands and fingers known to man.

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