Gran Turismo Racers Will Race Better Than The Pros For Third Time

Nissan's GT Academy has undertaken a noble goal since it was first created in 2008. Take some of the best racers in the classic game Gran Turismo, throw their butts in the seats of real race cars, and see what happens. Now the third season of the show is starting up, and it looks like another season of dream-making.

GT Academy has a history of producing world-class drivers. If you think I'm using hyperbole, all you have to do is check the history. They've made the podium at the Spa 24 Hours, they've been declared too fast for the British GT Championship, and they've competed in the pinnacle of all that is real Gran Turismo racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Now all you have to do is get to gaming, er, racing. At least you have an excuse now, right?

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