Gran Turismo 6 Will Be Out This Year And It Looks Unreal

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At an event to celebrate 15 years of Gran Turismo at the Silverstone Circuit, Polyphony Digital dropped some big news: Gran Turismo 6 is coming for Playstation 3 before the end of the year. It looks incredible. This is what we know.

GT5 has sold 10 million copies since it was released a few years ago, but it wasn't received with the same adoration as the previous installments. GT6 wants to change that.

Like the transition from Gran Turismo 3 to Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 6 looks like it will be the ultimate expression of the franchise on the PS3.


Car count is up to 1,200 right out of the box. Each car will be able to be modified in a number of different ways, including aero mods and the ability to create your own, custom cars. The physics engine has been redone to make cars handle more realistically.

Track count is up to 33 circuits, with 71 total configurations. The custom track generator is back with better environments.

In the past, Polyphony lagged in DLC, but they are promising that isn't the case this time. They are promising ongoing car DLC as well as new tracks available to download every single month.


If it isn't delayed like GT5 famously was, this looks to be the racing game to get this year. Launch is about six months away. For now, satiate yourself with that trailer.